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Hi Bonnie: Thanks so much for the terrific cupcakes...they were a hit (as usual) and some moms took your business cards right off the containers. I absolutely LOVED the carrot cake cupcakes. I announced them as the healthier version for the kids, but I couldn't get enough of them myself! Great combination of carrot and orange frosting. Thank you and I always look forward to including you in our celebrations. Monica, Austin, TX

"WOW! How delicious can a cake be? I just loved your White Out cake! I crave it and can't wait for the next occasion in which I can order one! I have shared your name with all of my friends! The cake I ordered for my Mother's birthday was the hit of the party and everyone raved about how wonderful it was! It's to die for! I look forward to the next taste!" Christan - Houston, TX

"Bonnie Mims bakes the most scrumptious cakes, I owned a tea room in Katy for a couple of years and was always so grateful at the quick response, freshness and the wonderful appearance of her cakes." Georgia Gates - Houston, TX

"Although I've had a number of positive experiences with Planet Bonnie, my favorite is when I received one of her gingerbreads in the mail for my birthday. A very thoughtful friend had given me this special gift, and, even though I was far away, I had a taste of home. Since then I've also had the gingerbread right out of the oven, and I must say, I've never had better. And don't get me started on the Blackout cake and the Whiteout cake. Ohmygosh." Bonnie Mallott ~ Austin, TX

"Big Hit! Just wanted to let you know (and this is something I am sure you already know) that the cakes were a huge hit at our birthday bash. Both the Blackout and Whiteout cakes are totally gone, every crumb (almost) eaten. The Rum Glazed Gingerbread is delightful, too! Thank you for introducing us to your wonderful cakes. We'll do cupcakes next time!" Maggie - Manpower Labs, Inc., Austin, TX

"P.S. Your cupcakes are to die for!!!!!" Geoffrey, Wells Fargo Bank, Austin, TX

"Bonnie, I wanted to share with you how incredibly tasting your creation was last week, definitely the highlight of the night. Several people remarked that chocolate normally is not their favorite, however this cake was something special! As a chocoholic, I can tell you the cake was moist and light, the fudge sublime. Thanks again for sharing a piece of your creations with us. Monica definitely enjoyed her birthday celebration. We will definitely be calling you again in the future." Pedro, Austin, TX

"The Cupcakes were great and a great success! Everyone asked about them, so I passed out several of your cards. Thanks so Much!" Amy, Austin, TX

Dear Ms. Bonnie "Thank you for making the tasty cake! Everbody enjoyed it! I wish you were there at my First Communion. Love Brandon"

"Bonnie, Thanks so much for everything, I really appreciate your kindness and your incredible cakes! Thanks again for making it a special day for Brandon." Laura, Austin, TX

"Hi Bonnie. Your cakes are AMAZING! Seriously, I just love the light, airy texture...and the flavor is delish!" Kate, Austin, TX

"Hi Bonnie, They were fabulous! I gave away alot of your cards and will email my list serve to rave about your service and your cupcakes! It was nice meeting you and working with you. I wish you all the best in your booming business!" Nina, Austin, TX

"Rachel, I think that was the BEST cake that I have ever eaten! Be sure to let Bonnie know!" Barbara, Austin, TX

"Hi Bonnie, I am Dan's daughter and just had a birthday where Dan and Celina brought me one of your great cakes (Chocolate with Chocolate filling!) Thank you so much! My girlfriends and I want to order some of your cupcakes for an upcoming shower." Meredith, Dell, Inc., Roundrock, TX

"Having tried some of Planet Bonnie's newest line of stellar cupcakes, I look forward to working my way through all of her smaller, moist and rich creations. The mini version of her cool white chocolate cake decorated with mini white chocolate and peppermint chips was perfect for Christmas holidays. Friends and family gobbled them up faster than I could replenish with more from the fridge! Her classic chocolate and vanilla cream cupcakes reminded me of my childhood "comfort food"...sprinkles included, and a creamy peanut butter tastes........yummy!" Coleen, Houston, TX

"Fantastic news on all fronts! Have you seen February's Austin Monthly yet? I hear the Blackout cupcake is absolutely making people's mouths water!" Laura, Austin, TX

"I just wanted you to know I tasted one of your cupcakes and they are tremendous! In fact I'd like on right now!" Kelly, Shoreline Christian Center, Austin, TX

"Oh my Gosh your cupcakes were incredible! Best cupcakes I have ever eaten! Fantastic! The word is spreading about you..." Be Be, Austin, Tx

"It was great talking to you. As soon as I could get my hands on an Austin Monthly Magazine, I was in search of the article on your cupcakes. Congratulations! And those cupcakes look devine!!!!! I can't wait to try along with all your other stuff. I am really happy for you Bonnie." Annette, Austin, TX